NEBBIOLO: This is definitely the oldest and most noble red grape variety in Piemonte and perhaps even Italy. A famous late-ripening Italian grape variety for red wine. The grapes have a high acidity level and they need a long ripening season to fully mature. The most famous Nebbiolo grapes come from the two wine regions in Piemonte near Alba: Barolo and Barbaresco. The fog (nebbia in Italian) that rolls over the hills of northern Piemonte and the regions nearby, helps the Nebbiolo grape ripen properly, thereby creating some of Italy's finest red wines. Wines made from Nebbiolo grapes are known by a variety of names including Barolo, Barbaresco, Ghemme, Gattinara and Spanna. Nebbiolo wines generally require significant aging to develop and soften. Although recognized as one of the world's great wine grapes, Nebbiolo has not been planted in significant amounts outside of northwest Italy. Very little has been planted in California or other U.S. growing regions. The Nebbiolo grape is also known as Chiavennasca, Picotener, Pugent, and Spanna or Spana.